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Bitumen Spray Seal or 2 Coat Seal

A Bitumen Spray-Seal:  is a combination of sprayed bitumen that waterproofs the road - driveway or carpark followed by a wear coat of aggregate.
Different aggregate sizes are selected depending on the intended use of the surface  Each of the 2 coats of bitumen and 2 coats of aggregate are laid at different rates specified by the contractor or engineer to meet the correct requirements.
There are many different ways to carry out a bitumen seal with a multitude of bitumen types, spray rates, aggregate sizes and so on. A seal must be designed for your specific site considering the type of base, traffic volumes, life expectancy just to name a few key points.

A bitumen spray seal can be done as either single coat seal ( single/ single) or a Two coat seal ( double / double). A spray seal finish is only as good as the prepared base, as it will follow all depressions in the unsealed pavement. A tight, sound surface, formed to the desired shape is required prior to applying the seal as it will perfectly mirror any imperfection in the base preparation

In some situations where the pavement is not to Main Roads standard and there is a risk of damage to the prepared pavement surface, a dry matt of aggregate followed by a heavy application for bitumen and a top coat of aggregate is applied to achieve the same result as a two coat, without damage to the underlying surface.
Dry matt should be used in low stress areas only.

A bitumen spray seal treatment is specifically designed following the Austroads Seal Design Method, which, amongst other parameters, is based on seal aggregate size, design traffic loads and volumes, and the underlying surface texture. The lower the traffic volume and the greater the aggregate size, the greater the bitumen application rate required to hold the aggregate.

We provide the following seal types:
Hot Bitumen Seals
Emulsion Seals
Dust Seals
Primer seals
2 in 1 Emulsion Seals

2 in 1 Bitumen Seals have numerous advantage

  1. Safety,  all vehicles lay in a forward direction
  2. Grade and slope are no longer a problem. The steepest and tightest of jobsites are now as easy as straight run highway work
  3. Greater stone retention when using emulsions
  4. More penetration into the base by the bitumen
  5. NO damage to bitumen mat during the application of aggregate
  6. Vehicles can perform strip patching and remedial work in LIVE TRAFFIC

2 in 1 Sealing really is the safer way to spray

insitu bitumen

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