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Site preparation is a key to ensuring a long life for any drive or pathway surface. Lack of preparation will lead to failure. Therefore make sure your contractor prepares the site taking into account the proposed use of the surface. For example a driveway must have a solid base. Placing bitumen or asphalt on an unprepared sub-base will fail. However, a pathway will not require the same depth of sub-base material as a driveway. A driveway that frequently has heavy trucks will also need a stronger sub-base.

For new driveways, the area to be paved must be stripped of any vegetation and topsoil. The underlying soil or rock should then be removed to a sufficient depth to ensure a stable base. The depth of material that must be removed will be determined by your asphalt contractor.

Contractors would usually place a layer of crushed rock on the stable base to give a solid surface for the asphalt. However, in a few cases where the natural base is solid a contractor may be able to place the asphalt directly on that surface. A full depth asphalt surface may also be used where the there is already a firm stable base.
However, simply spraying bitumen on an unstable sub-base will lead to
immediate failure.

For existing gravel driveways, the depth and quality of the existing material must be assessed prior to surfacing with asphalt. Where the depth is sufficient there may be no need to add additional base but this will depend on the thickness of the gravel and the base on which it is laid. In some cases where the depth of crushed rock cannot be increased or the quality is unacceptable, the existing material may need to be removed and replaced.

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