Heritage Trail Bitumen
Maleny Heritage Trail Stage 1:
Base prepared by Sunshine Coast Council.
Heritage Trail Bitumen Sealing
The first coat was a 10mm thick bitumen emulsion primerseal applied as base coat to penatrate base and provide substrate for the BUSHMATES COLOURED BITUMEN.
Heritage Walking Trail Coloured Bitumen Maleney
The second coat was Bushmates Coloured Bitumen mixed to gold and dressed with a blend of 5-1 Autum Gold and Red Jaspa aggregates.
Bushmates bitumen is sprayed at higher temperatures than normal bitumens due to the added pigments that give it the most beautiful colours.
Coloured Bitumen Being Sprayed
BUSHMATES COLOURED BITUMEN being applied at 205 Degrees C

The Coloured Bitumen was applied with soft edges where grass is allowed to encroach on the new surface, this gives the most natural appearance which also adds stability to the pavement edge by reducing the risk of sub-base erosion and premature bitumen failure.

Stage 2:
Commenced December 2014 and is being constructed by
Greenwood Landscapes.

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