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A. Coloured Bitumen i
s a synthetic bitumen that is transparent and is coloured to match the selected coloured aggregate. It is heated, mixed and sprayed like standard road bitumen's and can even be mixed with bitumen.
It can be coloured easily to achieve almost any colour and will remain flexible indefinitely.
Coloured Bitumen  has to be sprayed at higher temperatures than standard bitumen due to the added pigment to obtain the desired colour.  Standard c170 bitumen is sprayed at 180 Degrees,  Coloured bitumen needs to be sprayed at 195 - 205 Degrees C.
Coloured Bitumen has no BLACK and will never discolour the aggregates the way standard bitumen does.
STATEWIDE BITUMEN is the only contractor in Australia that uses coloured bitumen although others claim to, they actually just coat black bitumen with coloured aggregates.

Q.  Can  Coloured Bitumen be applied over old concrete, asphalt and bitumen ?
A.  Yes, it can be applied straight over the top of broken up concrete, cracked asphalt or pot holed bitumen as it is a higher grade product than standard bitumen and is also polymer modified for extra durability.

Q. What should I know about and expect when I get a new asphalt driveway?
A. Road Base must be laid a minimum of 100mm for private driveways and preferably 150mm.
Primer sealing is preferred over tack coating as the aggregate in the prime seal allows the asphalt to key into the road base and adds tensile strength to the asphalt layer.
Asphalt must be at least 30mm thick to compensate for rise and fall in the road base and to guarantee that your driveway will accommodate the odd unexpected truck or two.

Q. What is hot mix asphalt?
A. Hot mix asphalt is a combination of approximately 95% stone, sand, or aggregate bound together by asphalt cement, a product of crude oil.

Q. What are the benefits of asphalt pavement?
A. Asphalt pavement is economical as well as extremely durable for the northern climates and 100% recyclable. Asphalt retains heat more efficiently so that snow and ice does not form as quickly and melts faster. Asphalt drives are usually easier and cheaper to maintain. With a fresh coating of sealer every other year, you can get that “like new” look again and again.

Q. When should I seal cracks?
A. As soon as possible; once any crack is ¼“ or wider throughout the pavement, have the cracks sealed.

Q. Is it cost effective to seal cracks?
A. Absolutely, by crack sealing regularly, you will prolong the life of the pavement by not allowing plant growth and water to penetrate though the crack and cause further deterioration of the pavement.

Q. What is one of the best ways to crack seal?
A. Statewide Bitumen has a Hot and cold crack sealing procedure which is fast, effective and cost effective for Bitumen, Asphalt and Coloured Bitumen.

Q. What are some of the main causes of asphalt failure?
A. Inadequate thickness of pavement in the original construction. Excessive deterioration of the pavement due to inadequate drainage. Weak or unstable base materials.

Q. Can you pave on top of a broken concrete driveway?
A. At Statewide Bitumen we do not use asphalt to pave over concrete. If you pave over the top of broken or cracked concrete, you will see reflective cracking in your asphalt in a very short time. We recommend that the old concrete is removed or use Coloured Bitumen.

Q. What determines if I can resurface my existing asphalt surface or wether it needs to be completely removed ?
A. Statewide Bitumen will jointly assess all of your needs and openly discuss the options with you


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