Coloured Bitumen Driveways

Statewide Bitumen provide Asphalt and Coloured Bitumen roads car parks and pathways.

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Hot Rubber Crack Sealing 
Coloured Crack Sealing
Driveways & Car parks
Hot Spray & Seal Bitumen
Machine & Hand Laid Asphalt
Asphalt Crack Sealing
Brisbane - Sunshine Coast - Gold Coast

Statewide Bitumen are equipped to carry out any sized crack sealing job from cracks in your driveway, car park or road.

Small jobs can be carried out with 10 Gallon crack machines and the larger jobs are done with 500L hot rubber machines.

Statewide Bitumen are the only company that can supply coloured rubber crack repairs for coloured concrete and asphalt surfaces.

Why fill cracks ?

a) As vehicles pass over a water filled crack in an asphalt surface they cause a hydraulic pumping effect forcing water down into the crack and flushing the road base out. As the road base flushes out the asphalt or bitumen become undermined and cave into the surface ( A POT HOL:E is formed ).
b) Water passing through the road surface whether it is bituminous or concrete will weaken the base and road base layers of the road pavement and eventually the subgrade ultimately causing failure and the need for re-construction.

The sooner a pothole or crack is filled the less expensive will be and a better long term result will be achieved.

Preventative maintenance
Applying hot rubber crack filler will extend the life of your asphalt and make it suitable for later asphalt surface rejuvenation with Carbonite or Sealcoat
Hot Rubber crack filling should be carried out by suitably trained and qualified tradespeople.


Once cracks are repaired the area can be rejuvenated with and enrichment seal or with sealcoat.

 The area can be opened to traffic within an hour of the seal coat being applied


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